Tiptopreel high-wire system

Tiptopreel; a new roll for growing cucumbers using a high-wire system.

The high-wire system is the most common method used in the Nordic countries for growing cucumbers. For many years, the most common variation of this method has been to use a 25×25 mm square profile steel pipe as the upper bar with permanent tread rolls attached.

By rotating this pipe the entire row can be lowered, or even all rows at one time, which is extremely fast compared to the thread hooks used earlier. However, the drawback with this method is that since some plants grow slower, the tops can be of different heights. This in turn decreases the harvest since all the plants won’t receive the same amount of light. In addition, differences in top heights make the maintenance work slower.

For this reason, a new roll has been developed to eliminate this disadvantage. With this roll, it is possible to easily and quickly even the tops to the same height, for example once a week or every two weeks; with one hand simply press the lock on the spring and with the other hand rotate the roll up or down as required.

The Tiptopreel roll consists of two parts; the roll itself, which is made of UV-protected APS plastic, and the lock spring. The rolls are easy to assemble when installing the threads.

Each Tiptopreel roll is delivered ready winding with plastic thread, 1200m/kg holds 79m, which is enough for approx. 5-6 cucumber populations. The roll won’t break even after many times of use.

Rolls are packed into boxes of 200 pcs.

Users in Finland, Latvia and Sweden: Seinäjoen Puutarha, Kannuksen Kauppapuutarha, Thor Sigg AB Närpiö, Kulmalan Puutarha Perniö, Getliņi EKO (Latvia)

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